Crash Course in Leadership Skills

Course Description:

This online course in leadership skills conveys that to be an effective leader, you need to learn and practice certain skills addressed in this training session. The bottom line is that anyone can be a leader if you:

  • Know what it means to be a leader;
  • Recognize benefits of being a leader;
  • Identify the qualities of effective leaders;
  • Understand different leadership styles; and
  • Use leadership skills to become a more effective leader.
Course Duration: 20 minutes

Why “Crash Course in Leadership Skills” Matters:

It is important to be a leader in the workplace because you can:

  • Help your coworkers, your department, and the organization set and achieve goals;
  • Prepare yourself for advancement into positions that require leadership skills, such as supervisory or managerial positions;
  • Gain respect and recognition from people you work with;
  • Make your job more interesting, challenging, and satisfying; and
  • Participate more actively in the operation and success of the organization.

Key Points:

The main points addressed in this session on crash course in leadership skills include:

  • You don’t have to be in management to be a workplace leader—anyone can develop leadership skills.
  • Being a leader can improve job satisfaction and prepare you for advancement.
  • The best leaders lead from within the group, guiding and inspiring others to achieve goals.
  • With a little work you can cultivate leadership qualities and develop leadership skills.

A Complete Training Solution:

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