How to Manage Challenging Employees

Course Description:

Supervising other people is never easy, but some employees make it particularly difficult. Challenging employees can try a manager’s patience and drain a lot of time and energy. Turning things around takes skillful management and patience. The main objective of this online employment training course is to teach supervisors and managers how to manage challenging employees more effectively. By the time the course is over, you should be able to identify challenges associated with supervising difficult employees, manage your own feelings effectively, create a positive work environment for all, and respond positively to challenging employees and treat them fairly.

Course Duration: 30 minutes

Why “How to Manage Challenging Employees” Matters:

Some types of challenging employee behavior includes those who complain, goof off or are frequently absent or late, refuse to cooperate with you and their co-workers, break the rules, have a bad attitude, think they know more than everybody else (including you), spread rumors, or display anger. All of these behaviors can:

  • Put a negative spin on everything management does, including important changes, decisions, actions, or plans;
  • Erode other employees’ support and creating a climate that expects failure;
  • Undermine your authority; and
  • Create hostile work relationships and wasting everyone’s time on senseless arguments and conflicts.

These employees may not be productive and can impact the productivity of others. In addition, this kind of behavior can be counterproductive and sometimes destructive. It can damage morale and make it tough for you to lead your work group to ensure continued productivity.

Key Points:

This course helps supervisors to:

  • Identify challenges associated with supervising difficult employees;
  • Understand how to manage your own feelings effectively;
  • Help to create a positive work environment for all;
  • Focus on problems, not personalities; and
  • Respond positively to challenging employees and treat them fairly.

A Complete Training Solution:

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