Cyber Security Library

Course Titles and Descriptions

Anatomy of a URL: How to Identify Web Links

The Anatomy of a URL: How to Identify Web Links course provides an overview of a URL, how you can identify various components of a URL to verify if you can trust clicking on one or not, and how to identify malicious web links. You’ll also learn about Tiny vs. Long URLs, as well as anchors and destinations.

Creating and Using Passwords

In this Creating and Using Passwords course, you will learn about the importance of passwords in order to protect your personal information. You’ll get a better understanding about why passwords are important, password dos and don’ts, password examples, password best practices, and tips for managing passwords.

E-mail Security: Recognizing a Cyber Attack

From phishing to pre-texting to baiting, this E-mail security course provides you with an overview of E-mail security and how you can identify if an E-mail you received is an attempt to access your device in part of a cyber-attack.

Mobile Device Best Practices

This Mobile Device Best Practices course is an overview of the recommended best practices for securing your mobile device from a cyber attack. You’ll learn about firewalls, Wi-Fi security, and Bluetooth.

Protecting and Securing Your Data

This Protecting and Securing Your Data course is an overview of how you as a user can take additional steps in protecting and securing your data from cyber criminals. You’ll learn about firewalls, virus vs. malware protection, and how to secure your internet equipment.

Safe Web Browsing: Identifying Malicious Web Pages

The Safe Web Browsing: Identifying Malicious Web Pages course covers safe Web browsing practices and shows you how to identify safe web pages. You’ll learn to spot indicators and examples of malicious Web pages.

Types of Cyber Threats

What is the cyber-criminal after? How do cyber crimes start? This course covers cyber attack methods, as well as the different types of cyber threats you may encounter, including malware, viruses, Denial of Service (DOS), and Advanced Personal Threats (APT).

What is Cyber Security

A recent study predicts that cybercrime damage will cost $6 trillion annually by 2020, up $3 trillion from 1 year ago. This course provides an overview of cyber security and why it is important for each and every one of us.

You’ll learn the history and statistics of cyber attacks, who is responsible, why someone would commit a cyber crime, and who is a target.