Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors and Employees in NY and NYC

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All New York employees must be trained annually on sexual harassment prevention. New York employers will need to have the approved training topics and programs in place for all employees. They will also need to know the proper documents to distribute and processes to follow. If you have employees in the state of New York, the regulations also apply.

The training must be interactive and should:

  • Be web-based
  • Require employees to answer questions as part of the training
  • Accommodate questions asked by employees
  • Provide an explanation of sexual harassment consistent with guidance issued by the state
  • Provide examples of unlawful sexual harassment.
  • Describe the federal and state laws prohibiting sexual harassment and remedies available to victims.
  • Advise employees about all available forums for employee complaints.

Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors and Employees in NY and NYC provides training for supervisors, managers, and other employees covering all areas of workplace harassment and includes:

  • An explanation of the laws that prohibit sexual harassment
  • Examples of sexual harassment to help trainees understand what sexual harassment is – and what to do when it happens
  • A fully web and mobile friendly interactive experience with real-life scenarios and exercises
  • An expert “help link” providing trainees with access an in-house expert to answer questions about the course
  • And more!

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