Employee Orientation Training

The statistics on workplace injuries and fatalities are sobering indeed. According to an Occupational Safety and Health Administration Safety and Health Fact Sheet, each year:

  • More than 5,500 employees in this country die from workplace injuries;
  • 1.3 million workers suffer nonfatal injuries that result in days away from work; and
  • A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Lost-Work Time Injuries and Illnesses Report states that employees with fewer than 6 years of employment accounted for 37 percent of all illnesses and injuries sustained, higher than their 31 percent share of employment.

While all employees are exposed to workplace hazards, none are more at risk than your new hires. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), “Many researchers conclude that those who are new on the job have a higher rate of accidents and injuries than more experienced workers. If ignorance of specific job hazards and of proper work practices is even partly to blame for this higher injury rate, then training will help to provide a solution.”

Building Your Employee Orientation Checklist

Employee orientation training basics include showing new workers how to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. But leading companies know that it is important to go much further than that. Orientation is the perfect time to begin soft skills training, and to introduce employees to the company, its products, its culture and policies – and even to the competition. Adding this to your new employee orientation checklist can greatly improve worker satisfaction and employee retention.

Effective new employee training leads to both professional and personal growth, which, in turn, leads to increased productivity and to helping organizations achieve their long-term goals.

New Employee Onboarding

The goal of your safety policy should be to ensure an accident-free workplace while maintaining a high level of productivity. Your new employee orientation checklist should include teaching new hires during employee orientation training to:

  • Continue to participate in all safety training sessions as required;
  • Report any hazards and unsafe conditions they see. Report any incidents and near misses that occur. Organizations to know about problems so they can investigate their causes and make necessary changes;
  • Remember that they play a big role in the successful implementation of safety in the organization. Always keep a “safety attitude” and urge others to also; and
  • Ask their supervisors for help whenever they are not sure how to proceed safely.

TrainingToday Provides Employee Orientation Training

TrainingToday can help you maximize your onboarding program with a number of relevant courses, including:

  • New Employee Safety Orientation
  • New Employee Orientation—‘How To’ for Supervisors
  • PPE – What Employees Need to Know
  • Disaster Planning – What Employees Need to Know
  • Emergency Action and Fire Prevention
  • Workplace Security for Employees
  • Coaching for Superior Employee Performance–Techniques for Supervisors
  • Time Management Skills for Employees

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How to Conduct New Employee Orientation

The main objective of this course is to help you plan and conduct effective employee orientations. By the time the course is over, you should be able to recognize the benefits and goals of new employee orientation; assume a leadership role in the process; determine the issues to be covered; and plan and execute successful orientations.

New Employee Orientation: How-to for Supervisors

Orientation determines how new employees perceive and adjust to the organization. Orientation should make new employees feel welcome and provide them with the information they need to begin their new jobs safely and productively. This online training course will teach managers and supervisors to recognize the benefits and goals of new employee orientation, assume a leadership role in the process, and determine the topics to be covered.

New Employee Safety Orientation

This online new employee safety training course will teach employees to understand their role in the company’s safety and health program, including security procedures, and safety information. This course covers topics important to employee orientation including company safety newsletters, bulletin boards, safety committee members, and labels or material safety data sheets.

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