Safety Topics for Meetings and Talks

Safety meetings and safety talks are usually thought of as departmental or crew meetings. These frequent meetings, ranging from weekly to monthly depending upon the situation, allow the supervisor or trainer to review key safety topics, review any accidents incurred by members of the group, go over any unsafe practices observed, reaffirm the need for safe work practices, and to answer any questions that employees may have about equipment operation or other safety issues. Safety topics for such meetings and talks are often selected on the basis of OSHA-required training programs.

How to Choose Safety Topics

Topics for a safety meeting or safety talk can be chosen on the basis of:

  • A review of the most recent accidents and near-misses at the facility or within the same industry
  • Related corporate safety goals
  • Any particular subjects that need to be covered from a legal or insurance standpoint
  • OSHA-required training
  • Suggestions from employees, safety inspectors, contractor safety representatives, insurance representatives, or other knowledgeable observers

Important safety topics for meetings or talks include:

  • Safety around new equipment
  • Awareness of a new hazard
  • New regulations or policies
  • Safety orientation for new employees

Certain topics may be repeated for reinforcement or to fulfill requirements for refresher training.

Safety Meeting Duration

The duration of a safety meeting will vary by subject, ranging from several minutes for informational or “reminder” meetings to up to an hour for more complex subjects. A meeting may last up to 2 hours under special circumstances.

For meetings or talks longer than 20 minutes, it is best to combine several methods of delivery to sustain the interest and attention of participants.

Method of Delivery

Safety meetings and talks may be delivered using a combination of methods that suit the needs of both the employer and employees. Meeting delivery methods include:

  • Online or computer
  • Classroom instruction or presentation
  • Onsite demonstration
  • Slide show

Safety Meetings for Multiple Work Shifts

Where there are multiple work shifts, the meeting should be repeated for each shift or be held at a place and time that will ensure all affected employees are able to participate. Online safety training is a practical and efficient way to deliver safety meetings and talks for multiple work shifts.

Most Popular Safety Topics

The 4 most popular safety topics in demand by businesses for training or instructing employees are:

  • Lifting techniques
  • Electrical and lockout/tagout
  • Forklift operator
  • MSDS

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