Anatomy of a URL: How to Identify Web Links

Course Description:

The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) simplifies how we navigate the ever-expanding Internet, but most users don’t realize how links work or the complex work that URLs handle, and cyber criminals use that lack of knowledge to their advantage. This module is an introductory overview of cyber security measures related to safe Web browsing for new employees during onboarding or as a refresher course for those without a cyber security background. You will learn how to recognize the different components of a URL and how to tell if a URL has been shortened. You will also learn how to determine whether a link is safe or malicious.

Course Duration: 12 minutes

Why “Anatomy of a URL: How to Identify Web Links” Matters:

The more that technology in the workplace is implemented to meet business needs, the greater the organization’s exposure to cyber threats. There are known and specific threats to information technology (IT) infrastructure, including computers, networks, and Internet-connected devices. There are basic measures employees can take to protect data and hardware.

Key Points:

  • Don’t click on an unrecognized URL.
  • Cyber criminals can manipulate URLs to make them look legitimate.
  • A tiny URL is a way to make a long URL have meaning and reduce its length.
  • Check a potentially malicious URL by hovering over the anchor on the webpage and review the link in the pop-up before clicking it.