Arc Flash Safety: Unqualified Person

Course Description:

This online arc flash safety training course will teach employees the hazards and risks of working on or near energized electrical equipment. It will also discuss the procedures for preventing an arc flash accident and how employees can protect themselves from the hazards of an arc flash while at work.

Course Duration: 17 minutes

Why “Arc Flash Safety: Unqualified Person” Matters:

  • According to the National Fire Protection Association more than 2,000 people are treated for severe arc flash injuries each year.
  • On average, five to ten arc explosions occur in electric equipment every day in the United States.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics data for 1994 show 11,153 cases of reported days away from work due to electrical burns, electrocution or electrical shock injuries, fires, and explosions.
  • Electrical burns, often severe, are a common injury from arc flash incidents.
  • Pressure waves can damage your hearing, fracture ribs, collapse lungs, knock you off a ladder, or blow you across a room.
  • Pressure waves can send loose material like pieces of damaged equipment, tools, and other objects flying through the air at speeds in excess of 700 miles per hour.
  • A high-intensity flash can damage your eyesight and leave you blind.
  • A superheated ball of gas with temperatures in excess of 5,000 degrees that can ignite your clothing and cause serious burns over much of your body.

Key Points:

  • Keep an eye out for arc flash warning labels.
  • Human error is a major cause of arc flash incidents, such as dropped tools, contact with an electrical part, wrong test equipment, and improper work practices.
  • To prevent arc flash, always de-energize and lock out equipment whenever possible.
  • Follow safe work practices without fail, and do not deviate from them at all. They could save your life, and years of pain and suffering.
  • Wear all required PPE—make sure it is in excellent working condition and rated for the specific use that your work calls for.
  • And finally, always report damaged equipment.

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