Asbestos Awareness

Course Description:

This training session about asbestos awareness. It is designed for employees who may contact or work near asbestos-containing material (known as ACM), asbestos-containing building material (known as ACBM), or presumed asbestos-containing material (known as PACM), but do not disturb it as part of their normal work activities.

Course Duration: 25 minutes

Why “Asbestos Awareness” Matters:

  • Asbestos was used in many building materials that were installed before 1981.
  • The airborne asbestos fibers that can cause health damage are often too small to see with the naked eye.
  • Asbestosis results in a loss of lung function, which progresses to disability and death. Virtually all cases of mesothelioma are linked to asbestos exposure. There is no cure for asbestos-related illnesses.
  • According to the U.S. Department of Labor, an estimated
    1.3 million workers face significant asbestos exposure on the job.
  • Removing asbestos materials may create a hazard where none previously existed. It is important to be properly trained and aware of how to properly treat asbestos, and what to do in case of harmful exposure.

Key Points:

  • Nonfriable or intact ACM does not discharge asbestos fibers to the atmosphere and is, therefore, not considered a health hazard.
  • Use wet methods to stop any further contamination of the air.
  • Do not handle or disturb asbestos-containing or presumed asbestos-containing materials.
  • If you must disturb asbestos (for example, to repair a light), see your supervisor before starting work.