Brain Bites – Using Windows 10

Course Description:

Windows 10 introduced many new tools, and updated others, including Cortana, Task View, Virtual Desktops, the Quick Access Screen, and more. In this mini-course we’ll show you how to get around in Windows 10, and how to customize and take advantage of the major features and tools Windows 10 provides.

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Course Duration: 40 minutes

Key Points:

  • Describe the three types of user accounts Windows 10 supports
  • List the three most common versions of Windows 10
  • Discuss how to navigate around the desktop, start menu, task bar, and action center
  • Demonstrate how to use Cortana for search and other functions, including via text or verbal commands
  • Discuss the use of File Explorer and the Quick Access screen
  • Demonstrate the use of Snap, Task View, and Virtual Desktops
  • Identify common Windows 10 Apps
  • Describe ways to customize your Windows 10 experience