Business Writing Skills for Employees

Course Description:

The ability to write effectively is a skill every employee should possess. Even if they are called on to write only the occasional e-mail message, being able to express ideas clearly, accurately, and professionally in writing is an important job skill. More important, if employees communicate with customers in writing, what they write—and how they write—is a reflection not only of their own professionalism but also of the employer and its products or services. This online business writing training course covers important writing techniques that can help employees make the most of their business communications. At the end of this training course, trainees will be able to identify the characteristics of good business writing, use words for maximum impact, develop efficient sentences and paragraphs, and write more effective business communications.

Course Duration: 23 minutes

Why “Business Writing Skills for Employees” Matters:

  • Almost everybody uses writing to communicate on the job. Whether it’s writing a letter, an e-mail, or taking down a simple phone message for your boss, writing clearly and effectively is something employees need to be able to do.
  • Written communications are a reflection of employees and their abilities. People are judged by the way they write. Management, coworkers, customers, and others will form impressions about how skilled and knowledgeable employees are from the way they communicate in writing.
  • Vague words and phrases can confuse or mislead and waste valuable time.
  • Most of us can be convinced to agree with a written message if it uses positive language.
  • The rise of electronic, or virtual, communications in the office—whether e-mail, Internet or Web pages—heightens the power of the written word. For e-mail alone, the average worker sends and/or receives more than 50 messages a day.

Key Points:

  • How you write reflects your skill and competence on the job.
  • Effective business writing is clear, concise, correct, complete, and coherent.
  • Choice of words has a major impact on the way written communications are received by others.
  • Proper sentence and paragraph structure increases understanding.

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