Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Inspections

Course Description:

The main objective of this session is to explain the requirements of federal CMV inspection regulations. By the time this session is over, you should be able to understand the inspection, repair, and maintenance requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations; perform pre- and postoperation vehicle inspections and write and review inspection reports; identify periodic inspection requirements; and comprehend inspector qualifications and recordkeeping requirements under the regulations. 17 minutes.

Course Duration: 17 minutes

Why “Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Inspections” Matters:

Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) inspections are important because they help prevent accidents and injuries. You should also realize that we are required by law to inspect, repair, and maintain all CMVs so that they are always roadworthy and safe to operate.

To help our organization comply with the rules, you need to understand the requirements of CMV inspection regulations. You must also be familiar with any inspection-related duties that you have as part of your job.

Key Points:

  • Appropriate inspections must be performed on all CMVs according to the requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations;
  • Inspection reports must be written and reviewed; and
  • Defects and deficiencies identified by inspections must be repaired before a CMV can be operated.

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