Confident Supervisor: Managing Conflict

Course Description:

Any time you have two or more human beings working together, it’s inevitable: There will be conflict between them. What may start out as a minor scuffle between coworkers can quickly escalate into a full-blown argument or worse if it’s not promptly and properly addressed. And this is where your supervisors come into play. This course will help supervisors prepare for and deal with clashes in the workplace.

Course Duration: 30 minutes

Why “Confident Supervisor: Managing Conflict” Matters:

In order to keep your employees safe and happy, and your organization productive and efficient, it’s crucial for you to understand how to manage and prevent workplace conflict.

Key Points:

  • Managing conflict requires that you understand the problem—and your limits. You won’t always be able to come to an immediate solution, especially on your own.
  • Trying to solve a complicated problem with a quick, simplistic solution is likely to increase rather than stop conflict. And the more conflict, the greater the likelihood for litigation.

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