What is Cyber Security

Course Description:

Organizations increasingly rely on connected devices such as computers, network servers, and mobile devices to conduct business, but a majority of workers lack even basic cyber security awareness. This module is an introductory overview of cyber security for new employees during onboarding and a refresher course for those without an information technology (IT) background. By the end of this module, you will have a basic understanding of the history of cyber crime, who is responsible for committing cyber crimes, why cyber crimes are committed, what cyber criminals are after, and likely targets of cyber attack.

Course Duration: 13 minutes

Why “What is Cyber Security” Matters:

The more that technology in the workplace is implemented to meet business needs, the greater the organization’s exposure to cyber threats. There are known and specific threats to IT infrastructure, including computers, networks, and Internet-connected devices. There are basic measures employees can take to protect data and hardware.

Key Points:

  • Cyber crime is a top threat to public, financial, and national security.
  • Cyber crimes originate from foreign governments, terrorist organizations, or individuals.
  • Financial gain is the top motivation for committing a cyber crime.
  • Cyber attacks can target computers, networks, or Internet-connected devices.
  • More than half of adults in the United States have suffered some type of cyber security incident.