Dealing with Change: How Supervisors Can Help

Course Description:

The objective of this training session is to help you understand how to manage change in your department so that you can help your employees cope—and even thrive—in a changing work environment.

Course Duration: 20 minutes

Why “Dealing with Change: How Supervisors Can Help” Matters:

Organizations that do not embrace and manage change in the 21st century’s global economy cannot remain competitive.

Most employees are somewhat uncomfortable with change. Change brings uncertainty. The future is out of their control. Change involves a loss of the comfortable and the familiar, and it requires that an effort be made—sometimes a considerable effort—to learn and adjust to a new way of doing things.

That’s why it’s critical that workplaces understand the factors that drive change, how people react to it, and how to manage it successfully.

Key Points:

The many key points discussed in this course include:

  • The nature of change and the challenges presented by it.
  • The importance of resilience in the face of change.
  • Resistance to change and how to overcome it.
  • Steps in dealing effectively with workplace change.
  • Evaluating the change process.
  • Change is inevitable.
  • Change is continual.
  • Change is often difficult.
  • Change presents opportunities.
  • Those who manage change well will succeed.
  • You need to understand the steps that will help you implement change successfully.

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