Course Description:

Before imposing discipline on an employee—stop, settle down, talk to Human Resources, and have a plan of action. Employee discipline is an area laden with legal danger and requires the utmost care. Learn more in this online training session.

Course Duration: 23 minutes

Why “Discipline” Matters:

Here are some reasons why we are conducting this class. The effective use of progressive discipline offers you, your employees, and the organization several important benefits. Progressive discipline:

  • Establishes expectations and predictability
  • Applies consequences fairly and consistently
  • Corrects inappropriate behavior and poor performance
  • Helps rehabilitate employees with potential
  • Protects against complaints and lawsuits

Key Points:

  • Take your time before imposing discipline;
    Get the facts;
    Understand the context in which something occurred;
    Be sure that disciplinary responses are appropriate and proportionate;
    Be fair

A Complete Training Solution:

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