Diversity Fundamentals for Supervisors

Course Description:

Creating a welcoming and diverse workplace where all employees feel empowered and supported in their career goals is the best way to attract quality employees—and the best way to keep them. But HR’s hiring and diversity initiatives will be for naught if supervisors don’t know how to manage a diverse group of employees. This course covers best practices for dealing with a diverse workforce for supervisors. By the end of the course, you will be able to identify how we are diverse; understand the challenges and opportunities of workplace diversity; avoid legal problems; and follow company policy.

Course Duration: 23 minutes

Why “Diversity Fundamentals for Supervisors” Matters:

As the American workforce reflects an increasingly diverse population, organizations must effectively manage diversity to attract and retain high-quality employees and create a more cooperative, creative, and productive work environment. Furthermore, to get the most from employees of diverse backgrounds and avoid legal problems, supervisors must demonstrate and encourage respect for all employees’ abilities and perspectives.

Key Points:

  • It is important to recognize and respect differences.
  • Focusing on external diversity factors means you can miss out on different perspectives and ways of thinking.
  • Diversity offers numerous opportunities, including attracting talent, improving engagement, innovation, and increased productivity.
  • There are several legal protections against discrimination and harassment in the workplace.
  • Our company policy supports and encourages workplace diversity.

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