Driver Wellness

Course Description:

For employees who drive, wellness is an important issue for several reasons. Fatigue, heart trouble, and other health problems are known to play a role in many accidents, injuries, and driver deaths. Studies conducted by federal highway safety experts, such as the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), have shown that a significant number of truck accidents are health related. It’s been proven—wellness is an important component in safe driving. This online driver wellness training course ensures drivers are aware of risk factors of safe driving, staying healthy for better productivity, and how to apply good wellness techniques for long-term driving safety and personal wellness.


There are two versions of this course, standard and multimedia.

Course Duration: 23 minutes

Why “Driver Wellness” Matters:

  • Being healthy helps a person function better both on and off the job by feeling better, having more energy and, therefore, working better and enjoying leisure time more.
  • A healthy employee who qualifies for a driver job can stay on the job earning a paycheck.
  • Wellness is also about preventing illness and disease. A well person may live a more comfortable, longer, and happier life.
  • Virtually all employees drive, whether on or off the job. A well employee is far more likely to have a safe driving record, lower healthcare costs, and fewer days away from work.

Key Points:

Wellness affects a person’s job. This online driver wellness training course helps trainees:

  • Understand why wellness matters.
  • Understand that most driving accidents are health related and preventable.
  • Manage fatigue and stress on the job.
  • Prevent colds and flu.
  • Avoid crime and violence on the road.
  • Lead a healthy, productive lifestyle.

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