Dynamic Diversity Training—Employees

Course Description:

This course focuses on real-life diversity situations that illustrate how exclusionary, disrespectful, and unprofessional behaviors can violate your organizational policies and even the law. The focus of this presentation is employees.

Course Duration: 21 minutes

Why “Dynamic Diversity Training—Employees” Matters:

Figures from the most recent U.S. Census show that almost one-third of the workforce is currently made up of minorities, more than 10% is made up of people aged 55 or over, and almost one-half is made up of women.

The Census Bureau estimates that in 2020, minorities will make up over 40% of the workforce, and older workers will account for a larger percentage.

Key Points:

  • Diversity recognizes and respects differences.
  • It encourages new ideas and perspectives.
  • It promotes fairness and allows everyone to contribute to goals and to share in success.

A Complete Training Solution:

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