Effective Meetings for Employees

Course Description:

This training session helps employees identify the purpose of workplace meetings, understand essential requirements for making them more effective, prepare successfully for meetings, participate actively and constructively, and lead meetings to achieve the best results.

Course Duration: 21 Minutes

Why “Effective Meetings for Employees” Matters:

Meeting can be an excellent way to interact with coworkers, make decisions and plans, solve problems, and communicate information.

They can also be a waste of time if they are not well planned and properly conducted or if the participants don’t do their share to make the meeting productive. Knowing how to get the most from the meetings is an important skill every employee should possess.

Key Points:

  • Meetings serve many useful purposes but can be a waste of time if not properly conducted.
  • To be effective, meetings need a specific objective, an agenda, the right participants, and a good leader.
  • Make sure you come to meetings prepared to participate and make a contribution.
  • When you lead a meeting, get off to a good start, keep the meeting focused, and encourage participation.
  • Conclude meetings with a summary of what was accomplished and a plan for future action.

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