E-Mail Best Practices for All Employees

Course Description:

The objective of this online employment training course is help trainees make the most efficient use of electronic correspondence. At the end of this training session trainees will be able to understand our e-mail policy, manage e-mail volume and storage effectively, present a professional image in e-mail, produce clear, concise messages, and reply efficiently to incoming mail.

Course Duration: 24 minutes

Why “E-Mail Best Practices for All Employees” Matters:

E-mails are an efficient, effective, and professional means of communicating with either a single person or a group of people.

Corporate e-mail traffic is increasing by nearly 50% a year according to some estimates.

Experts estimate that the average employee sends and/or receives more than 50 e-mails a day. For many users, that number is much higher. This adds up to a lot of time every workday devoted to writing and reading e-mail.

Poor management of e-mail can be costly to the employer—valuable time can be wasted searching for information; time spent reading and deleting nonessential messages can also be a time waster; other related activities cost 12 percent of corporate payrolls every year.

In a recent study, 56% of employees surveyed complained of mental fatigue from handling and receiving nonessential e-mails in the workplace.

Key Points:

  • E-mail is an essential business communication tool.
  • You must make the most efficient use of e-mail to be productive and effective in your job.
  • The quality of your e-mail is a reflection of your professional image as well as that of your employer and the products or services you represent.
  • You can learn how to write an effective e-mail.

A Complete Training Solution:

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