Eye Protection (Multimedia)

Course Description:

During this session, we’ll talk about what eyewear you need to wear depending on the hazards you deal with on the job, and we’ll show you exactly how to use and maintain it.

Course Duration: 14 minutes

Why “Eye Protection (Multimedia)” Matters:

Every day, more than 2,000 workers suffer serious eye injuries.

Ninety percent of eye injures can be completely prevented by using the right protective eyewear.

Know what protective eyewear is available for you to use for different types hazards.

In the event of an eye injury, it is important to know what procedures to follow.

Key Points:

  • Eye safety is in your hands—use your eye protection every time you are working around eye hazards.
  • Choosing the right protection and making sure it is in good condition and fits properly are key.
  • There are many different kinds of hazards that you may face every day—do your best to protect your eyes from all the hazards you face each day.

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