Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Course Description:

The main objective of this particular session is to help you understand what generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is and how you can help employees who are dealing with it. By the end of the session, you will be able to understand generalized anxiety disorder, know the causes and symptoms, understand how it can affect work, know what the law says, and learn how to handle employees with generalized anxiety disorder.

Course Duration: 13 minutes

Why “Generalized Anxiety Disorder” Matters:

  • Overall, 40 million people are affected by all kinds of anxiety disorders, making them the most prevalent mental illness in the United States.The cost associated with anxiety disorders is more than $42 billion per year—that’s one-third of the country’s mental health bill.

    Anxiety disorders are highly treatable—yet only about one-third of anxiety sufferers receive treatment.

Key Points:

  • GAD is a serious and widespread illness.
  • GAD can have a big impact on workplace productivity.
  • GAD may be covered under the ADA and FMLA.
  • You must know what to do if an employee has GAD.

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