Introduction to Industrial Hygiene

Course Description:

The main objective of this session is to introduce you to industrial hygiene and explain its importance to your safety and health. By the time the session is over, you will be able to understand what industrial hygiene is; recognize its importance in the workplace; identify ways industrial hygiene helps protect you; and help promote industrial hygiene on the job.

Course Duration: 20 minutes

Why “Introduction to Industrial Hygiene” Matters:

Under the law, OSHA develops and sets mandatory occupational safety and health requirements applicable to the more than 6 million workplaces in the United States. OSHA relies on, among many others, industrial hygienists to evaluate jobs for potential health hazards. Developing and setting mandatory occupational safety and health standards involve determining the extent of employee risk and exposure to hazards and deciding what is needed to control these hazards, thereby protecting the workers.

Key Points:

  • Industrial hygiene plays an important role in your health and safety on the job.
  • By identifying and evaluating workplace health hazards, we can control them to prevent injuries and illness.
  • Do your part to promote a safe and healthy workplace by reporting hazards and following safety rules at all times.

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