Introduction to Rough Terrain Forklift Safety—Spanish

Course Description:

The main objective of this session is to discuss rough terrain forklift safety. By the time this session is over, you should be able to identify rough terrain forklift hazards; understand stability principles; follow basic safety rules; inspect forklifts and worksites for safety; and prevent tipovers.

Course Duration: 30

Why “Introduction to Rough Terrain Forklift Safety—Spanish” Matters:

  • Although rough terrain forklifts are versatile and extremely useful, they can also be hazardous in a number of ways.
  • OSHA reports that about 35,000 serious injuries are caused annually by forklift accidents and many more lesser injuries.
  • In addition to injuries, forklift accidents frequently cause expensive damage to materials and structures.
  • Most rough terrain forklift accidents are the result of operator error.

Key Points:

  • Before operating a rough terrain forklift, you should always conduct a brief but careful inspection of the equipment.
  • Never operate a rough terrain forklift unless you are trained and authorized.
  • You must know how to safely load, unload, and drive a rough terrain forklift to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • You must understand stability principles related to forklifts and the environments they are operated in.
  • An incorrectly loaded forklift is unstable and could tip over or drop its load.

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