Lab Safety Orientation

Course Description:

Working in a laboratory is interesting and challenging, but it also requires a serious, consistent commitment to safety. This training course is an orientation on working safely in a laboratory. It addresses the hazards lab workers are likely to face in their work, and the steps they can take to protect themselves and others.
Knowledge is always the first step to safety. That’s why the main objective of this course is to make sure that lab workers have the knowledge needed to work safely in the laboratory. By the time this session is over, trainees should be able to:

  • Understand the basic provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Laboratory Standard and the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) in force at the laboratory;
  • Identify laboratory hazards;
  • Protect themselves and others through control measures and safe procedures;
  • And, act effectively and efficiently in an emergency.
Course Duration: 33 minutes

Why “Lab Safety Orientation” Matters:

Because of the hazards laboratory workers face, OSHA adopted the OSHA Laboratory Standard to prevent accidents and create a safe work environment. It operates through two basic measures:

  • First, it requires that workers have the information they need to understand the hazards they face in laboratory work.
  • Second, it requires that workers are protected from these hazards.

Key Points:

The main points from this session include:

  • Conduct a risk assessment for each lab procedure you perform to determine the hazards you face.
  • Select appropriate safety measures, such as engineering controls, personal protective equipment (PPE), and work practices to eliminate or minimize risks.
  • Maintain a safe laboratory environment at all times.
  • Finally, be prepared to handle lab emergencies efficiently and effectively.

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