Laboratory Safety in Schools

Course Description:

This session has several related objectives. By the time this laboratory safety session is over, you should be able to recognize the importance of hazard identification and its function in the risk assessment process, identify the myriad sources of information about hazards in the laboratory, and identify the hazards involved in laboratory operations.

Course Duration: 30 minutes

Why “Laboratory Safety in Schools” Matters:

  • Knowledge of this topic will help create a safer place with lower risk.
  • When you know the hazards, you can take the right steps to protect yourself and students and prevent accidents.

Key Points:

  • Hazard identification is essential to safety and is a component of every operation in the laboratory.
  • Hazard identification is largely a matter of finding and making use of accurate information about all the hazards you may face.
  • Information comes from a variety of sources, so know and use the appropriate sources.
  • Finally, be sure that you have identified and are prepared to control all hazards before any work operation.

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