Mastering Excel 2016—Advanced

Course Description:

If you’ve mastered Microsoft Excel 2016, you have one of the most practical and valuable skill sets in all of modern business. A spreadsheet guru can work wonders, from organizing lists to creating multi-layered, interactive reports to revealing answers to business-critical questions like ROI, budget allocations, tracking expenditures, and more. This course builds on your existing knowledge of Excel and teaches you how to use links, lookup functions, macros, data tables, and more.

Course Duration: 2.5 hours

Why “Mastering Excel 2016—Advanced” Matters:

If you learn to use Excel 2016, you will start to see how useful it is in your life, from formatting your grocery list to calculating complex ROI values. If you are an experienced Excel user, let our Microsoft Certified Trainers Barbara Evers and Christina Tankersley walk you through some advanced tools that will expand the usefulness of your Microsoft Excel 2016.


Key Points:

  • Using Scenarios and Goal Seek
  • Working with macros
  • Tracing precedent and dependent cells
  • Comparing and merging workbooks
  • Using 3D references
  • Using data forms and form controls