Microsoft Lync Essentials

Course Description:

In olden times, workers would meet up around the watercooler to catch up with each other’s progress and share information. Microsoft Lync® aims to recreate this casual collaboration atmosphere through an array of easy, high-tech features. This course will give you the skills and confidence to use Lync’s communication, collaboration, and sharing features to stay in touch with clients and coworkers and get more done.


Course Duration: 2 hours, 12 modules

Why “Microsoft Lync Essentials” Matters:

You can use Lync to collaborate with coworkers with a wide variety of features that allow you to save time and get more done.

Key Points:

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Building your contact list in Lync
  • Status updates and instant messaging
  • Audio and video calls
  • Web meetings via Lync
  • Scheduling, sharing, and more!