Mobile Device Best Practices

Course Description:

Mobile devices have had a large impact on how people do business, and more employees now expect to incorporate mobility into their work lives. However, the convenience and speed of mobility come with the increased risk of data theft or loss. This module is intended as an introductory overview of cyber security best practices for mobile device use for new employees during onboarding or as a refresher course for those without a cyber security background. You will learn about the practice of setting up and using authentication on your mobile devices along with other best practices to protect the data on your mobile device.

Course Duration: 7 minutes

Why “Mobile Device Best Practices” Matters:

The more that technology in the workplace is implemented to meet business needs, the greater the organization’s exposure to cyber threats. There are known and specific threats to information technology (IT) infrastructure, including computers, networks, and Internet-connected devices. There are basic measures employees can take to protect data and hardware.

Key Points:

  • Secure mobile devices with a passcode or other means of authentication.
  • Disable Bluetooth Discovery.
  • Use trusted Wi-Fi networks.
  • Review mobile app privacy settings.
  • Change your screen protector every 3–6 months.
  • Configure your device for remote wiping.
  • Reset mobile devices to factory default before disposing of them.