Motivating Employees: Tips and Tactics for Supervisors

Course Description:

This course helps trainees with the following concepts:

  • A better understanding of the concept of motivation—this means more than just knowing a definition. It also entails knowing some of the qualities of motivation and thinking about how motivation relates to the health of your workplace.
  • What motivates your employees—again, this may be more complex than it initially seems because people are motivated by different factors. We discuss many of these factors.
  • Techniques to help you obtain peak performance from your employees.
  • Ways you can encourage your employees to grow and reach their highest potential. This benefits both your workplace and the employee.
Course Duration: 21 minutes

Why “Motivating Employees: Tips and Tactics for Supervisors” Matters:

  • A motivated workforce is important, perhaps even essential, to the success of a business or any other enterprise.
  • Your workplace may offer a revolutionary product or a service people desperately need or you may lack real competition and have plenty of working capital on hand, but without employees who care about the organization and take a vested interest in their own performance, your success is far from assured.
  • Managers and supervisors can foster motivation among employees simply by understanding the nature of motivation and using tested techniques designed to motivate.

Key Points:

The key points trainees learn in this course include:

  • Understanding motivation;
  • The importance of learning more about your employees;
  • New motivational techniques to employ; and
  • How motivation serves your employees well while also strengthening your workplace.

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