Motivating Your Sales Team to Excellence: A Guide for Supervisors

Course Description:

This session explains how to motivate your sales team to success. You’ll learn how to use performance appraisals and goals to motivate, choose the right pay structure, craft incentive programs, identify new ways to recognize your top performers, understand the importance of training, and motivate your staff through communication.

Course Duration: 20 minutes

Why “Motivating Your Sales Team to Excellence: A Guide for Supervisors” Matters:

The only thing easy about sales is the opportunity to get discouraged, so management has to be vigilant to keep the team motivated.

Tough economic conditions can demotivate even top performers.

Apathy and discouragement are contagious, and the only cure is a proven motivation strategy.

Key Points:

  • How to set attainable performance goals.
  • Choose the right pay structure for your company.
  • How to use incentive programs to significantly increase sales.
  • Which benefits can keep employees happy and loyal.
  • How communicating company goals keeps salespeople motivated.

A Complete Training Solution:

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