Negotiating Skills for All Employees

Course Description:

This session will focus on negotiation skills. Everyone should be a good negotiator. Being able to negotiate effectively helps you reach agreements, achieve objectives, get along better with people, and ultimately be more productive and successful on the job. Learn more by participating in this online training session about negotiating skills for all employees.

Course Duration: 26 minutes

Why “Negotiating Skills for All Employees” Matters:

The purpose of negotiation is to achieve agreement through discussion and compromise. It is different from arguing because you’re not just trying to persuade another person you’re right and they’re wrong. You’re trying to achieve an objective—to get something you want or need. When you think of it that way, you see why you spend so much time negotiating. In most cases, you can’t just take or demand what you want or need. You have to reach agreements with other people to achieve your objectives. Negotiation is also about building, maintaining, and improving relationships. People often think negotiation is just a method of getting their way. But it’s much more than that. It’s really all about how we get along with other people.

Key Points:

The main points from this session on negotiation skills include:

  • The purpose of negotiation is to achieve mutually beneficial agreements.
  • Negotiation helps build, maintain, and improve work and personal relationships.
  • When negotiating, look for shared interests rather than insisting on “my way or the highway.”
  • Being a skilled negotiator will help you get along better with others and achieve your objectives.

A Complete Training Solution:

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