Noise and Hearing Conservation: Refresher

Course Description:

This refresher course will give you the main points to remember about noise and hearing conservation. For more complete information, be sure to take the full-length course.

Course Duration: 7 minutes

Why “Noise and Hearing Conservation: Refresher” Matters:

Noise can cause you not to hear important safety warnings or work instructions or to misunderstand what you hear, exhaust you from the strain of trying to listen or talk over loud sounds, and create stress that affects you physically and mentally. There are a wide variety of sources of noise in the typical workplace, including machinery, tools, and equipment, that can cause hearing damage or loss.

Key Points:

  • First, your hearing is a very important sense—don’t lose it.
  • Noise exposure of 85 decibels or more can cause hearing loss.
  • Hearing loss cannot be cured or repaired.
  • Hearing tests that are conducted annually can detect hearing loss so that steps can be taken to prevent further hearing loss.
  • Finally, hearing protection devices must be worn in high-noise areas in accordance with our company’s rules.

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