Office Hazards: Refresher

Course Description:

This refresher course will give you the main points to remember about office hazards. For more complete information, be sure to take the full-length course.

Course Duration: 7 minutes

Why “Office Hazards: Refresher” Matters:

When you think about job safety and hazards in the workplace, you probably think about industrial work environments, not an office like the one you work in. But the fact is that offices have many of the same hazards as other work environments, and a surprising number of accidents and injuries occur in offices. That’s why you need to be aware of the hazards in your office and understand the precautions you need to take every day to keep safe at work.

Key Points:

  • Keep alert to hazards and take precautions to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Know how to respond to emergencies.
  • Reduce exposure to ergonomic risk factors.
  • And always lift safely.

A Complete Training Solution:

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