Phone Skills

Course Description:

The main objective of this online employment training course is to cover the basic phone skills needed to be a successful customer service representative. At the end of this training session trainees will be able to answer the phone professionally and effectively, handle transfers and holds successfully, make the most of opportunities to call customers, take phone orders accurately and efficiently.

Course Duration: 25 minutes

Why “Phone Skills” Matters:

  • Most customer care representatives perform a significant portion of their work on the phone.
  • How customer service representatives deal with customers on the phone—whether answering calls, making calls, handling phone orders, or using transfers and holds—often determines the success of interactions with customers and customer satisfaction with your organization.
  • Most customers make a judgment about the customer service representative in the first couple seconds of the conversation, and the customer’s opinion of the representative impacts their opinion of the employer.
  • Excellent telephone skills can create an opportunity to alert customers to special offers, cross-sell, make add-on sales, save customers money, and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Customer service representatives who improve their phone skills become more efficient at their job. The lengths of calls are shorter, customers are more satisfied, and representatives are able to provide service to a greater number of clients.

Key Points:

  • How you answer the phone has a big impact on the success of customer calls.
  • Use transfers and holds only as a last resort.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to call customers to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.
  • Handle phone orders carefully—without orders, there is no business.

A Complete Training Solution:

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