Personal Protective Equipment: What Employees Need to Know

Course Description:

This online safety training course about personal protective equipment (PPE) is designed to teach supervisors and facility managers to conduct hazard assessments and to select the appropriate personal protective equipment for employees on the basis of the hazard assessments. By the end of the training session, supervisors will understand how a PPE hazard assessment is conducted, involving an evaluation of the workplace and job functions for any potential hazards that can be controlled through the use of PPE. Also, this course will teach supervisors how to select the proper PPE to protect against the hazards found during the hazard assessment and demonstrate how to show employees how to properly wear and care for their PPE.

Course Duration: 30 minutes

Why “Personal Protective Equipment: What Employees Need to Know” Matters:

Personal protective clothing and equipment serve as a barrier against many different kinds of potential workplace hazards. It is important to know which PPE is necessary based on different workplace hazards in order to keep employees safe while at work.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), only 16% of workers who sustain head injuries were wearing PPE, although two-fifths were required to wear it for the type of work being performed.

The BLS states that a nonfatal occupational injury or illness among heavy construction workers requires an employee to miss eight to nine workdays on average—it could be less time if the worker sustained a less serious injury thanks to wearing proper PPE.

Key Points:

  • Conduct hazard assessments that ensure all parts of the body are protected.
  • Conduct and certify the assessment for each job.
  • Select the appropriate PPE for the hazard(s) identified.
  • Train employees on how to wear and care for the PPE.

A Complete Training Solution: