Preventing Workplace Violence—What Employees Need to Know

Course Description:

This presentation will help you to identify the causes of workplace violence, spot the signs of potential violence, follow required security procedures, respond effectively to violent acts, and recognize and respond to terrorist threats.

Course Duration: 23 minutes

Why “Preventing Workplace Violence—What Employees Need to Know” Matters:

We work hard to prevent violence in our workplace. We have a violence prevention policy and take many security measures to keep the workplace as safe as possible. Although the risk of workplace violence may be small, you still should understand why workplace violence occurs, who may be involved, how violent situations can arise, and what to do to reduce the risk that you will be a victim of workplace violence.

Key Points:

  • Workplace violence can take many forms and has numerous causes.
  • Keep alert to signs of potential violence and take immediate action when you recognize them.
  • Make sure to follow security procedures and encourage coworkers to do likewise.
  • Report any threats or violence right away.

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