Recruiting: Evaluation (Multimedia)

Course Description:

This course will go over the correct process on how to invite key stakeholders and rank the most important qualities, experiences, education, and characteristics that a successful candidate should have. Now you can use that ranking—along with the job description—to screen résumés as you start to evaluate applicants.

Course Duration: 13 minutes

Why “Recruiting: Evaluation (Multimedia)” Matters:

  • You should always be sure that the steps you are about to take comply with federal and local laws.
  • Learning to compare applications and résumés to the list of qualities, experiences, education, and characteristics identified for the position.
  • Learning to conduct structured interviews that use a variety of questions, most commonly behavior-based and situational. These questions capture job knowledge, organizational fit, interpersonal skills, and applied knowledge.
  • Knowing how to carefully craft questions that can help you screen candidates and improve the odds of selecting the person most likely to succeed in the job.

Key Points:

  • Before you begin, make sure the steps you are about to take comply with all relevant laws.
  • Screen and sort résumés and be sure they align with the hiring need.
  • Identify the best candidates to evaluate.
  • Use a variety of assessment methods, including the interview.
  • Follow company policies at all times.

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