Recruiting: Planning (Multimedia)

Course Description:

Qualifications, experience, culture, and fit are all valid markers, but none provide a secret ingredient to finding the best talent pool. For that, you need a recruitment plan. Recruiting isn’t a one time thing; it’s an ongoing and proactive process that you must pay attention to all year.

Course Duration: 14 minutes

Why “Recruiting: Planning (Multimedia)” Matters:

  •  Recruitment, done right, will result in the hiring of employees who are skilled, experienced, and the best fit for your organization.
    Did you know that after training and development, recruitment may be the most expensive part of human resources?
    Know the best recruitment methods to use.
    Be sure to use recruitment policies. Clearly defined recruitment policies provide protection to an organization against discriminatory hiring claims.

Key Points:

  • Start the process with a planning meeting.
  • Detail basic elements of your recruiting plan.
  • Use a variety of recruitment methods.
  • Don’t overlook the value of technology.
  • Enforce recruitment policies.

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