Recruiting: The Process (Multimedia)

Course Description:

Not one successful business flourishes without great employees. It’s a fact. But these days, recruiting the best employees can be confusing—a challenge in a highly competitive world where there are so many platforms to choose from. The days of simply putting an ad in the paper to find new employees are long gone. During this training session, we’ll show you where and how to recruit the best people in today’s expansive landscape.

Course Duration: 20 minutes

Why “Recruiting: The Process (Multimedia)” Matters:

  • Competence is usually the main factor to consider. You want candidates to have the necessary skills, background, and education to successfully complete their tasks, while being capable of taking on new challenges.
  • You should have good social skills and should work well with people in a variety of situations, including being a good team player. This includes the ability to communicate and follow directions.
  • The employees you look for should be willing to be flexible with their schedules to a reasonable extent—and should not have unreasonable restrictions. This presentation will help you locate those characteristics.
  • You want people with great character, who are committed to their jobs, their teams, and the overall values and goals of your organization. This presentation can help learn how to find them.

Key Points:

  • Have a well-rounded recruiting strategy, and use all the available platforms.
  • Use creative, interesting job descriptions.
  • Be well-versed in the latest technology available and online resources for finding prospects.
  • Get comfortable networking through social media channels.
  • Target passive candidates for your candidate pools.
  • Be persistent but not pushy when selling yourself and your business.
  • Always think outside the box.

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