Safety Orientation for Campus Workers

Course Description:

The main objective of this session is to teach you about safety. In this training module, we will go over your role in safety and all the different aspects of working safely, how to be able to identify safety hazards, how to respond to accidents quickly and safely, basic first-aid information so you will be able to use it in any situation, and choosing the right tools and personal protective equipment (PPE) for your job.

Course Duration: 24 minutes

Why “Safety Orientation for Campus Workers” Matters:

  • There is danger in every workplace. There are potential fire hazards, fall hazards, tripping hazards, and everyday hazards that seem safe but can actually be quite dangerous. Being able to spot what is potentially dangerous will help you be able to limit those possibilities.
  • Injuries happen to everyone throughout their lives, but injuries on campus are different. They can vary greatly in severity, whether from paper cuts to broken legs, but most can be avoided.
  • Some injuries can be so severe that you have to lose time at work because of them. With some injuries, you can lose a few days, or a few months, and others are even more severe. Safety training can help you prevent all types of injuries.

Key Points:

  • Safety is what is most important. No one wants someone else to get hurt, so it is imperative that everyone does what they can to keep a safe work environment;
  • There are many different factors involved with being safe at work, and the more you are aware of these, the safer you will be;
  • Use proper equipment. This includes choosing the right tool for the job, using it correctly, and choosing the right PPE for the job; and
  • Know how to respond to an accident and the steps that are involved.

A Complete Training Solution:

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