Safety Training for K-12 Coaches

Course Description:

During the session, we’ll discuss the coach’s role in sports safety. The most important aspects of safety for K–12 coaches are to plan carefully and persistently look for possible areas in which an athlete’s health and safety could be compromised. The more you know about safety for coaches, the more likely you are to minimize the risk of accidents and to respond to them properly when they do occur.

Course Duration: 21 minutes

Why “Safety Training for K-12 Coaches” Matters:

It is your responsibility as a coach to plan and prepare for the safety of your athletes before, during, and after the sports season.

Be aware of hazardous areas where an athlete’s health or safety might be compromised by the athlete, players, or the environment.

Every sport requires a different approach to planning because of their unique demands to the student-athlete and the environment in which the sport will be played.

Key Points:

  • You should plan and prepare before the first practice takes place for each sports season. The health and safety of your athletes depends on your research and diligence before the season begins.
  • You should remember to develop, practice, and rehearse your employee assistance programs (EAPs) for the most common athletic injuries so you can respond quickly and efficiently. The old adage of “practice makes perfect” would be a wise saying to adopt.
  • You should remember to always have trained medical personnel in place, and make sure that they have the appropriate medical equipment on hand to be able to be quick and competent. Minutes can save lives.
  • You should receive trained certifications in various health areas for the safety of your athletes.

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