Sexual Harassment in CT

Course Description:

Sexual harassment is a very serious issue in the workplace, and supervisors play a crucial rule in preventing sexual harassment claims and lawsuits. Although sexual harassment is clearly a problem for employees, many supervisors still seem to feel that sexual harassment includes only very severe cases, it has become clear that the term is much broader. Since the topic is so emotionally charged, it can be hard to handle sexual harassment situation without causing more problem. This means supervisors need to be able to recognize sexual harassment claims, take them seriously, and plan how to handle such claims before they actually occur.

Course Duration: 124 Minutes

Why “Sexual Harassment in CT” Matters:

First, this course is important because it’s against the law to have sexual harassment in the workplace, and it’s your job to make sure that that legal compliance occurs. Second, your company’s policies prohibit sexual harassment, so it’s part of your job duties to make sure those policies are complied with. And finally, sexual harassment is wrong. The reason it’s against the law and your policies prohibit it is because harassing somebody because of their gender is wrong, and it’s your job to stop it.

Key Points:

  • Show empathy for the complaining employee. An individual who has been a victim of sexual harassment often feels pain and emotional insecurity.
  • Get specifics, not generalizations. Given the serious nature of sexual harassment allegations, an investigation must deal with facts, not opinions or conclusions.
  • Document, document, document. Your employers must keep a written record of the investigation. In order to keep an investigation file confidential, consult with the organization’s attorney before commencing the investigation.
  • Never treat a sexual harassment complaint lightly. If a complaint has been filed, supervisors must take it seriously and treat it accordingly. The quickest way to ensure liability for your employer is to treat a complaint as a joke.
  • Report complaints to HR immediately. Court rulings make clear that “he who hesitates is lost” in the area of sexual harassment. Any delay in your company’s investigation would encourage an ultimate finding of liability for your organization if a lawsuit is ever filed.

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