Sexual Harassment

Course Description:

Every year, millions of dollars are spent defending sexual harassment lawsuits and paying damages and settlements. This online training session will help you understand the kinds of conduct that can be considered harassment, the defenses available to the employer, how to prevent and punish harassing conduct, and how to document investigations and discipline.

Course Duration: 26 minutes

Why “Sexual Harassment” Matters:

  • About 70% of women and 20% of men have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • There are about 15,000 cases of sexual harassment filed each year in the United States.
  • These charges cost U.S. companies almost $40 million each year.
  • The number of complaints filed by men has more than tripled in recent years, indicating this is not just a woman’s problem.

Key Points:

  • Sexual harassment is prohibited by law and workplace policy.
  • It involves more than physical conduct, and it can also be verbal or visual.
  • Sexual harassment harms us all.
  • You as a supervisor have a responsibility to help prevent it.

A Complete Training Solution:

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