The Paperless Office—Conservation for Employees

Course Description:

In this session, you will learn about sustainability; what a “real” paperless office is—fact or fiction; the environmental costs of paper production and waste; the economic costs of waste paper; and “best practices” to save you paper, ink, and money.

Course Duration: 16 Minutes

Why “The Paperless Office—Conservation for Employees” Matters:

The use of paper in offices for printing, copying, and other uses costs organizations money, consumes valuable natural resources, and pollutes the environment. These environmental and economic costs can be greatly reduced by taking simple steps to reduce the amount of paper used in the workplace. An office that uses no paper may not be a reality anytime soon; however, using less paper is a goal that can be achieved with the proper knowledge and actions. Conserving paper fosters a healthier environment and also will make any organization more sustainable.

Key Points:

  • Practice the 3 “Rs” at home and at the office.
  • <liAlways THINK before printing—you can always review your document on the computer screen.
  • Develop a routine that makes you most efficient and productive.
  • You should always strive for improvement.
  • And, remember, that saving your company money is good for you, too.

A Complete Training Solution:

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