Underground Construction (Tunneling)

Course Description:

The main objective of this session is to help you understand the OSHA regulation for protecting the safety and health of underground construction workers. By the end of this session, you will understand the critical role of what OSHA terms a “competent person” in maintaining jobsite safety; see what’s needed to keep everyone connected and aware; know what protections you have for ventilation, illumination, and air monitoring; list site control procedures that are designed to protect workers; know the minimum requirements for air and light, which are critical concerns for all underground workers; understand the rules for special situations, when projects include drilling and blasting, the use of cranes and hoists, or working with gas underground; learn what emergency procedures must be in place at all times, even if just one person is underground; and know what records must be kept on air quality and potentially dangerous exposures—that are available to workers during and after a project.

Why “Underground Construction (Tunneling)” Matters:

  • Construction projects vary widely, but all employees must have appropriate safety instructions to be able to recognize and react to the hazards associated with all the construction activities on the project.
  • Efficient communications are essential to ensure a rapid and complete exchange of information concerning events or situations that may impact everyone’s safety.
  • Emergency procedures vary depending on the number of people working belowground and the types of construction activities going on.

Key Points:

  • How to use your PPE.
  • How hazards get communicated at your jobsite.
  • The types of ground support your employer is required to put in place
  • You may need special safety instructions for the mechanical equipment used on the project.
  • Extra precautions to take when explosives are present.
  • Everyone needs to know the emergency and fire safety procedures.

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