Course Description:

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Act’s (OSH Act) General Duty Clause requires an employer to create a place of employment “free from recognized hazards” including workplace violence. Employers are required to take steps to minimize known risks of violence, and a failure to address hazards could result in the finding of a violation of the OSH Act.

Course Duration: 27 minutes

Why “Violence” Matters:

  • One-sixth of violent crimes occur in the workplace. There are over 1.5 million incidents a year.
  • Violence is the second leading cause of workplace deaths. Three workers die each day. Guns are involved in 80 percent of deaths.
  • As many as 18,000 people are assaulted at work each week.
  • Violence costs American industry millions in lost productivity, legal fees, and other related expenses every year.
  • And, certain types of jobs pose a higher risk for violence, including those where employees handle cash, work alone, work late-night or early morning hours, work in high-crime areas, guard valuables, or work in community settings.

Key Points:

  • Workplace violence can take many forms and has numerous causes.
  • Keep alert to signs of potential violence, and take immediate action when you recognize them.
  • And, make sure to follow security procedures and encourage employees to do likewise.

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