Wage and Hour

Course Description:

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) makes specific demands on how employees are classified and paid. Fail to pay a nonexempt employee overtime and you’ll face serious consequences. Classifying an employee as exempt when his or her duties say nonexempt also is likely to bring on a lawsuit. That’s why supervisors need a clear understanding of what the law requires. Learn more with this online training session on wage and hour laws.

Course Duration: 33 minutes

Why “Wage and Hour” Matters:

  • Although you may not be directly responsible for administering the provisions of the FLSA, you must understand its basic requirements and how they affect you and your employees.

    The FLSA applies in all states, but states are permitted to develop their own laws and regulations to provide even greater protection for theirworkers than is provided under federal law.

    Incases in which the two laws conflict, the law most beneficial to the employee prevails. Therefore, it is essential that employers understand both the state and federal laws.

Key Points:

  • FLSA is a federal law that applies to most organizations.
  • This law governs minimum wage, overtime, and child labor issues
  • Most employees are covered.
  • Understand the basic requirements of FLSA, including minimum wage, overtime, and equal pay.
  • Determine whether an employee is exempt or nonexempt.
  • Apply FLSA requirements to part-time workers and independent contractors.
  • Identify child labor restrictions.

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