What’s New in PowerPoint 2013?

Course Description:

After years of development and improvements, Microsoft® released PowerPoint® 2013; a new version that’s more powerful and filled with new features and options. This course is perfect for PowerPoint users who want to sharpen their presentation skills.


Course Duration: 45 minutes, 5 modules

Why “What’s New in PowerPoint 2013?” Matters:

If you already have a working knowledge of PowerPoint® but want to save yourself hours of painful trial-and-error learning, this course is your shortcut to success.

Key Points:

The course shows users how to take advantage of new features, including:

  • New themes to match your preferred style
  • New design features, including color-matching with the Eyedropper, enhanced audio and visual options and controls, image shaping tools, and more
  • Online meetings, and collaboration functionality and options
  • Optimized viewing options
  • And more!